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Use These Financial Apps to Save Money

Use These Financial Apps to Save Money

Smartphones can help to make our lives more productive in a variety of ways, including help with finances.

When saving money is a top priority, check out the following financial apps can help you on your journey.

Tracking Money

Mint Money Manager - This free app and helps you understand where your money is going. Once you download the app, you can link all of your financial accounts, such as checking, savings, retirement, etc. Every transaction you make will be automatically recorded. Because the app divides your spending into categories, you can easily see where your money is going and where you tend to overspend. In addition, the app includes other features which allow you to set up bill reminders, fee notifications, and warnings that alert you when you are spending over budget.

Bill Tracker - Never miss a bill payment again using this awesome app. You enter all due dates, as well as the amount due in one place. When you have payments in the future, you get notified and the dates are highlighted on the calendar.

You Need A Budget - Like the name says, this app helps you create a budget. The app works as a supplement to the money managing software for your Mac or Windows and enables you to manage your budget wherever.

Saving Money While Shopping

RetailMeNot - Search for the store where you are shopping, find the promo code, and show the code to the cashier when you check out. In addition, you can save your favorite stores and see what their latest offers.

Price Grabber - This app finds the lowest price for the item you looking for. Just scan the product’s barcode and the app will check prices in your area. You can search by UPC number, product name, part number, etc.

Shopkick - This app allows you to search your favorite stores to find out amazing deals. In addition, whether you invite friends or simply enter the store, you can earn points with your purchases. When you have accumulated enough points, you can trade them in for gift cards.

SnipSnap - Keeping up with coupons can be quite a pain. But with this app, you take a picture of your printed coupons and it will turn them into digital copies which you can keep up with and use easily.

Other Financial Apps

DebtTracker Pro - Having this app helps you create a payoff plan if you are in debt. You can decide which strategy you would like to use to help and receive reminders when your payments are due. The app also provides a helpful visual to display how close you are to reaching your goal.

GasBuddy - How about you use your smartphone for cheap gas prices instead of wasting gas driving around. With this app, you can find the lowest gas prices and you can report gas prices as well. Each time you share the price at the pump, you can earn points that can result in free gas.

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