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Discharging Student Loans in Atlanta

Have you found yourself overwhelmed with student debt and unable to pay your bills on time or at all? Student loan debt can theoretically be discharged in bankruptcy, but the level of hardship you have to prove to have your student loans discharged is extremely high in the state of Georgia. For all practical purposes, this means that debt which is properly classified as a student loan cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. An Atlanta bankruptcy lawyer from Khoshnood Law Firm, P.C. can help you to explore other options if this is the case.

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Student Loans Vs. School Loans & Tuition Bills

If a debt is owed as a result of you attending or attempting to attend school, it does not necessarily mean that the debt is classified as a student loan. For example, let's say you were accepted into college and received a tuition bill, however you were not able to attend or cancel enrollment on time. This debt may be eligible to be discharged through bankruptcy. If you borrowed money from the university on a temporary basis while attending college, you may be able to have your debt discharged in bankruptcy.

There are a number of different other school-related debts which may possibly be discharged through bankruptcy, including:

  • Vocational school
  • Trade school

Creative Solutions for Loans in Bankruptcy

If you owe student loans and you are considering filing for bankruptcy, there are a few approaches or options to consider. Although your student loans may currently be stressing you out and you are looking for a direct solution, the goal of bankruptcy is to improve the overall picture of your financial situation. We need to consider many different things when we discuss the subject of student loans and bankruptcy. Typically student loan debt which is directly classified as such cannot be discharged unless you meet the strict standards to prove hardship.

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