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Bankruptcy Warning Signs

Bankruptcy Warning Signs

Here is a list of bankruptcy warning signs. If some of the following situations apply to you, you should consult with a bankruptcy attorney:

  1. Collection calls are overwhelming you
  2. Creditors are suing you
  3. Car company is trying to or has repossessed your car
  4. You are having a hard time sleeping due to financial stress
  5. You are arguing with your significant other about debt and money
  6. You feel hopeless when it comes to paying off your debt
  7. You don’t see how you can get out of debt
  8. You don’t open your mail fearing threatening collection letters
  9. You are facing foreclosure or eviction
  10. You are resorting to alcohol in order to cope with financial stress
  11. You are considering obtaining title or pay day loans
  12. You want to sell all your assets so that you can get some relief from collectors
  13. You are thinking about pawning your assets
  14. You can’t pay for your basic needs
  15. Your children are suffering because of your debt

If you are experiencing any of the above bankruptcy warning signs, you should consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You may be surprised as to how much relief, wiping out your debt can provide you!

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